Netman time 4G

Netman time 4G
NAD 1229.00 Once off

NetMan Time 4G is a time-based data product. Customers are charged for the duration (time) that they are on-line. The fee will be N$30 per hour. Speed is limited to 4G but there is no CAP.

1 Hour FREE
4G  device included

What do I get ?

The customer will purchase a 4G USB device and a prepaid USIM at any mobile home.

How does it work ?

  • Customer can purchase the 4G USB and USIM at any MobileHome
  • The card will have NAD 1.00 balance and 60 Min free time that the customer can use for browsing the Internet.
  • Customers will be charged based on the time they are connected to the internet, please note that billing starts once the customer connects to the 4G network and stops once the customer disconnects.
  • Customers will be charged based on the time they are connected, even if they are connected, and not accessing any websites, they will still be charged.
  • Customers that purchase this product that does not have 4G coverage will access the 3G network, based on the same charging principles as stated above.
  • Please note that voice is not supported on these products.
  • Data bundles cannot be used on this product.

How much does it cost ?

Customer pay NAD 1229.00 for the device and the USIM.

Frequently asked question

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