NetMan Capped 1024GB

NetMan Capped 1024GB
NAD 3999.00 P/M

Contract period (Months)
Data GB Connection fee Capped Data bundle (7 days) Capped Data bundle (30 days)
12 / 24 / 36
NAD 218.00 NAD 2000.00 NAD 3999.00

With Shared Sim option

Contract period (Months)
Connection fee Subscription fee
12 / 24 / 36
NAD 218.00 NAD 50.00

National Tariffs

Per Second or Per minute Per minute
Peak 1.50
Off peak 0.85
Off-off peak 0.85
SMS 0.40

  • Customers can take the Plan with or without a Device.
  • Customers can add a Shared SIM (maximum of 2) to any of the Data plans who will share from the same data pool.
  • Customers can add up to 2 equipment plans to the Main Data plan and 1 equipment plan to the Shared SIM plan (depending on the amount they qualify for), each with their own monthly instalment linked to the Service Plan’s contract period.
  • Customer can choose between a 12 / 24 / 36 month contract period.
  • Capped Data Plans data usage is restricted to Free Data included and Data bundles. Once these are depleted data usage will be capped in its totality. Customers can purchase a Capped Data Bundle to resume usage.
  • There are 2 options of bundles available, a 7 day or a 30 day Capped Data Bundle.
  • Types of equipment’s that can be added to the service plan: Mi-fi, Router, iPad/Tablet, Laptop.
  • Customer can purchase the Capped Data Bundles via USSD (*682#), MTC website or via the MTC App.
  • Data included in any service plan, or any data bundle, cannot be used when the customer is roaming internationally.
  • Customers can buy more than 1 bundle at a time.