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Report fraud

Report fraud

Our attention has been drawn to various scams flooding the internet and client cellphones stating that MTC is supposedly giving away free phones, or that a customer has won prize monies in MTC competitions.

In these scams, clients are asked to follow one of the scenarios below:

  • Clients get a pop-up notification for a survey stating that MTC is supposedly giving away FREE Samsung Galaxy S10, Apple iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • Clients receive texts from short codes such as (7XXXX) claiming they have won airtime or money, and should call a certain number.
  • There is also a syndicate where criminals target the elderly by calling their landlines and convince them (either by claiming their spouse (s) is involved in a car accident and they need information to pay for the ambulance fees etc.) to give their personal information, banking or card numbers, which they use to then register on Pay Pal and thus make transfers or payments. This scam mostly targets elderly farmers.
  • In some instance, calls are made from private numbers and normal MTC numbers claiming that a customer won money from MTC and they should do cellphone banking transaction to claim their prize.
  • Cybercriminals also contact potential victims through personal or work email accounts, SMS, or other methods in attempt to obtain personal, banking or other valuable personal information.

Please note that the aforementioned scenarios, which are not initiatives of MTC, are potential phishing scams and syndicates by criminals who want to take your hard-earned cash.

MTC will at no time ask you to share your banking card details, pin number or discuss money transactions processes with you on a call. These are one of many ways scammers use to prey on customers.

How to protect yourself

  • Set up two key authentications supported by all smartphones
  • Do not give personal information (Banking details, Home Address, Passwords & Passcodes Codes) to suspicious callers.
  • Call our contact centre at 12000/13000 to verify or report suspicious callers
  • Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or click on links or attachments in emails
  • Review your privacy and security settings often.
  • Change your Passwords often
  • Register your sim card at any MTC Mobile home
  • Do not call back unknown & unfamiliar international numbers

What kind of information can assist with closing down these scams?

  • Copy these links and send them to or Inbox MTC Namibia on any of our social media platforms.
  • Call 12000/13000 and report the suspicious numbers