Spectra Home Free Installation Campaign

Promotion Period: 25th June 2020 to 22th September 2020, both days included. 

All Pre- and Post-Paid customers  qualify for the “Free Installation” Campaign. 

First time customers/applicants will also qualify for the campaign, subject to MTC’s credit approval.

Customers with no dunning history and 6 months or less remaining on their current Netman contract’s shall qualify to waive their buy-out fee in order to sign up for Spectra Home during the Campaign period.

The “Free Installation” Campaign shall only be applicable to 24 and 36 months Spectra Home packages and shall not apply to the 12 months packages.

The “Free Installation ” Campaign shall be limited to the standard installation fee of N$ 2 599.00 (excluding Vat). The applicant will remain liable for any additional cost related to the installation.

The “Free Installation ” Campaign shall exclude the monthly upfront subscription or any pro-rata usage charged prior to installation.  

The “Free Installation Campaign” is only applicable to towns/area’s where Spectra Home is offered.

MTC Spectra is available in the following towns (25 June 2020):

  • Windhoek (Elisenheim included)
  • Walvisbay 
  • Mariental
  • Katima
  • Rundu
  • Oshakati
  • Ondangwa
  • Ongwediwa 

Coverage for the other major towns in Namibia will be communicated in due course as the services are activated.

To apply kindly send an email to: and include the following info:

  • Name of the Applicant
  • Contact number of the applicant
  • Residential address of intended installation
  • GPS co-ordinates of the installation address 
  • Package and term

Or Contact the Spectra Toll free number 90111.

In the event of early termination or default of the selected Spectra Home package, the customer will remain liable for the full installation fee.

Terms and Conditions apply