Taamba Advance

Taamba Advance

Active Prepaid Customers who meet the criteria can pre-select an amount of airtime, even when their balance is zero, then pay back the next time they recharge.

Customers can access the service by dialing: *682# or *141#.

Selected Prepaid customers,based on their recharge behaviour, that requires airtime urgently but that is not in a position to purchase it immediately can pre-select an amount of airtime then pay back the next time they recharge.

The Advanced Airtime may be used for International and National Voice Calls, SMS and MMS / Data usage, or to purchase Bundles.

Customers are permitted to transfer the Advanced airtime as per the current Airtime Transfer Business Rules.

On approval of a request for Taamba Advance customers will be presented with the airtime denominations that they qualify for.

The total amount payable by the customer will be the service fee together with the amount of airtime that has been advanced to the customer.

This amount will be paid with the airtime attained when a customer recharges his/her account.

A service fee of NAD 1.00 will be charged for the provision of Taamba Advance valued at NAD 10.00 and below. For Taamba Advances valued above NAD 10 there will be a 10% service fee.

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