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Short Message Service (SMS) is a cost effective, fun way to send and receive text messages using your cellphone. Sending an SMS is cheaper than making a cellphone call (refer to the latest MTC tariff sheet). You can send up to 160 characters per message. Before you send an SMS, you need to set up your service centre number.

Configuring your Service Centre Number

  • Have your cellphone manual ready. You will need to know how to get specific characters on your cellphone and make certain selections prescribed by your cellphone manual.
  • Find the Message / Mail option on your cellphone menu.
  • Select SMS Setting / Setup.
  • Set the Service Centre Number by entering this number: +264811900200

NOTE: You must press +, not 00. If you have problems locating the plus key, check the cellphone manual that was issued with your cellphone.

Sending an SMS

  • To send an SMS, select Message / Mail on your cellphone's menu.
  • Select the new SMS / Message option.
  • Write the message using the letters on your cellphone’s keypad.
  • Select Options / Send Enter the number of the person to whom you are sending the SMS.
  • Press the green (yes/send/ok) button.

Receiving an SMS

  • You will receive an SMS notification when an incoming SMS arrives.
  • Press the green (yes/send/ok) button to read the message.
  • Save, delete or reply to the message.

You can send SMS messages to any other GSM cellphone user in the world with whose network MTC has an agreement.

Remember to insert + and the country code when sending a message to another cellphone user outside Namibia.

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