Friends & Family

Friends & Family

MTC's Friends and Family lets you call four pre-selected national numbers for cheaper.

Have your four favourite numbers ready

  • Dial 13300
  • Enter PIN (preset 1111)
  • Press 1 to change PIN
  • Press 2 for Friends & Family
  • - Select Friends & Family.
  • Press 1 to add new numbers
  • Press 2 to listen or to delete your numbers
  • Enter your chosen four numbers when prompted
  • Example: enter the number 081XXXXXXX
  • Press * after each new cell number if correclty entered
  • Press 3 to delete if inocrrectly entered

NOTE: You can only change your four favourite people every 30 days. So choose wisely.

If you forget your pin visit your the Contact Centre (13000) or go the nearest MobileHome to have your pin reset to 1111 (default).

Free of charge