Walvis Bay

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  • Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay

Sam Nujoma Ave

Contact : Mobilehome Supervisor

Phone: +264 61 280 2000
Email: Mobilehomesupervisor@mtc.com.na

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Store hours:

Monday - Thursday
8H00 - 17H00
9H00 - 17H00
8H00 - 13H00
Sundays and Public Holidays

 *Opening times of Mobilehomes during public holidays will be communicated prior to the public holidays

  • Cellular World
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Nampost Kuisebmund
  • Nampost Walvisbay
  • Supertronix Walvis bay
  • Tusk Mobile Kuisebmund

Cellular World

Cellular World, No 838, Corner of Hage Geingob & 11th Road, Walvisbay

Contact : Elizabeth de Brito / Pao Alvo

Phone: 064209919 or 0811473920
Email: elizabeth@cellularworld.com.na

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions, Nr 77 Theo-Ben Gurirab Street, Walvisbay

Contact : Nadine Platt

Phone: 064206741 or 0811290220
Email: mobiles@iway.na

Nampost Kuisebmund

Nampost Kuisebmund, Nathaniel Maxuilili Avenue

Contact : Terence Awaseb

Phone: 064 272506
Email: terenceaw@nampost.com.na

Nampost Walvisbay

Nampost Walvisbay, Sam Nujoma Avenue

Contact : Terence Awaseb

Phone: 064-272502
Email: walvis_ws01@nampost.com.na

Supertronix Walvis bay

Supertronix Walvis bay, 141 Sam Nujoma Avenue, Walvisbay

Contact : Jose Brito

Phone: 064203318
Email: supatronix@iway.na

Tusk Mobile Kuisebmund

Tusk Mobile Kuisebmund, Shop Nr 4 U Save Complex Mica Street Kuisebmund Walvisbay

Contact : Elizabeth

Phone: 064-220227
Email: walvisbay@tuskmobile.com.na