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SmartShare Capped data plans

SmartShare Capped data plans.

  • Customers can take the Plan with or without a Device.
  • Customers can add a Shared SIM (maximum of 2) to any of the Data plans who will share from the same data pool.
  • Customers can add up to 2 equipment plans to the Main Data plan and 1 equipment plan to the Shared SIM plan (depending on the amount they qualify for), each with their own monthly instalment linked to the Service Plan’s contract period.
  • Customer can choose between a 12 / 24 / 36 month contract period.
  • Capped Data Plans data usage is restricted to Free Data included and Data bundles. Once these are depleted data usage will be capped in its totality. Customers can purchase a Capped Data Bundle to resume usage. Bundles are not shareable and each number should buy its own bundles.
  • There are 2 options of bundles available, a 7 day or a 30 day Capped Data Bundle.
  • Customer can purchase the Capped Data Bundles via USSD (*682#), MTC website or via the MTC App.
  • Data included in any service plan, or any data bundle, cannot be used when the customer is roaming internationally.
  • Customers can buy more than 1 bundle at a time.
  • Types of equipment’s that can be added to the service plan: Mi-fi, Router, iPad/Tablet, Laptop.

Bundle Costs

Capped Data Bundles 7 days Bundle NAD 30 days Bundle NAD
Capped Data 10GB 100 199
Capped Data 30GB 125 249
Capped Data 60GB 200 399
Capped Data 90GB 300 599
Capped Data 250GB 800 1599
Capped Data 1024GB 2000 3999

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