Ringback tone

Ringback tone

Choose from a variety of local and international tracks for your friends to listen to while they wait for you to answer the call.

Enter your phone number.
Click on Obtain the verification code.
Wait for vertification code to be sent by SMS to your handset.
Enter received verification code in the field provided.
Click Register.
If registration is successful, you'll receive an SMS containing your password

  • Click on Login

Enter your phone number.
Enter the password you received per SMS.
Enter the 4 digit verification code.
Click the Login button

  • Browse song categories
  • Click on the song name which you would like to purchase

A new window will open containing more details about the selected song.
Select Download to add the song to your own account.
Select Present and enter the other persons phone number to give the selected song as a present to the other person.
Click Confirm to complete the transaction

  • NAD 3.00 per month for subscription
  • NAD 5.00 per song for 90 days