As an MTC Select Packages subscriber you will automatically have access to a VoiceMail mailbox.

Whether your cellphone is switched off, or you are out of the network coverage area, or you are busy on your cellphone, or you are unable to answer the cellphone, MTC Connect VoiceMail will function as your personal answering machine and keep you in touch!

You can personalise your VoiceMail message by recording a personal greeting, you will be asked to change your VoiceMail pin to prevent strangers from accessing your messages.

  • Dial 12300 to retreive your voice messages.
  • If you never accessed your VoiceMail before your pin should be 1111.
  • Follow the steps the voice provides you with.

Unlocking your mailbox.

If you enter your mailbox pin incorrectly three (3) consecutive times, your mailbox will be locked. To unlock your mailbox you will have to call MTC’s Contact Centre (12000) and request that your mailbox be unlocked.

Free of charge.