Faxmail enables you to retrieve faxes via your mailbox facility (VoiceMail) from anywhere in the world and to print to any alternate fax number of your choice in Namibia.

Just as with VoiceMail, an SMS notification will be sent to your cellphone when faxes have been received.

When filling in the application form when you apply for a contract package you will need to select the Fax/Data to be enabled. Once the contract account is activated on ability- and switch-system for fax-service, you will be able to use the service as explained below.

Sending faxes to a cellphone from a fax machine within Namibia

Dial the prefix 08150, followed by the last 7 digits of the recipient’s MTC cellphone number. It is important to insert (50), since the messages are deposited directly into the mailbox.

Example: if your cellphone number is 081 1234567, you would dial 081"50"1234567, inserting the "50" (without the "" quotes) after 081.

How to listen to your messages from your cellphone.

  • Dial 12300.
  • Enter your FaxMail PIN.
  • Press * (star) to enter the Main Menu.
  • 1 to enter the tutorial.
  • 2 for retrieval.
  • 1 for help.
  • 4 to scan your faxes.
  • 1 for help.
  • 2 to mark your fax for delivery.

NOTE: Remember to delete your message/SMS notification.

NAD 22.00 per month (+ VAT for business)