Friends & Family

Friends & Family

With MTC's Friends and Family service you can now select 4 of your most frequently dailed numbers to receive our discounted Friends and Family rates.

As a MTC Contract client you can choose any 4 numbers and you will qualify for a 10% discount on all calls to these 4 numbers.

To start chatting with your Friends & Family discount, you have to activate this service by dialing 15300 and following the voice prompt to activate your 4 favourite numbers for free.

But what if you want to change a number? Simply dial 153 and follow the voice prompt and enter the necessary changes that you require.

  • Call 15300 free from your cellphone.
  • Enter your pin, (pin upon first set up is 1111).
  • You will be requested to change your pin upon which you will receive an SMS confirming your new pin.
  • From here on just follow the instructions/voice prompts.

Options available are as follow:

1: Listen or delete your numbers
2: Add a new number
3: Change your pin
4: Terminate call

  • You will receive an SMS to confirm your numbers added.

You can add and delete numbers as many times as you like.

You will receive an SMS each time you make a change.

You can't add the same number on the same day that you have deleted it.

If you enter any wrong info more than 3 times the call will be terminated - just redial and try again.

If you forget your pin contact the Contact Centre (12000) or visit your nearest MobileHome to have your pin reset to 1111 (default).

  • You may change your pin as many times as you like - it's FREE. Adding numbers is also for free BUT ...
  • You will be charged NAD 5.00 every time you delete a number - it will appear as an unbilled debit note on the account which will affect your available credit.