e-Learning Bundles

e-Learning Bundles

This bundle allows students, lecturers, and teachers to gain access to the various e-Learning platforms at a lower cost than the standard data rates. A combination of data that can only be used on participating e-Learning sites, normal Internet data available any time of the day and Midnight Oil data which can be any type of data during the hours of 1 am and 5 am.

Current Educational Institutions: IUM, NUST, UNAM and Monitronic Success College.

Terms and Conditions apply


Dial *682#, select Bundles and then e-Learning Bundles.

Permanent Product tariff:

Offer e-Learning Data GBNormal Internet GB
Midnight Oil GB (1AM-5AM)
Total Data GB
Price NAD
e-Learning 1GB
10.523.508.007 days
e-Learning 2GB
21.01013.0015.007 days
e-Learning 5GB*
52.52532.5030.007 days
* e-Learning 5GB gets a 1 Day N$5.00 Tiktok Bundle free when 50% of e-Leaning bundle has been consumed.