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MTC Corporate Data Reverse Billing

MTC Corporate Data Reverse Billing

MTC's Corporate Data Reverse Billing offering is an innovative way to differentiate your company or product from your competitors.

Corporate Data Reverse Billing enables mobile users to access specific online content, applications and data services without making use of their own data.Your Customer's data usage charge, when accessing your website or application, is reverse billed to you, the sponsoring company (whether you’re a M2M service provider, content provider, an advertiser, employer, information agency or healthcare provider, etc.)

MTC's Corporate Data Reverse Billing creates value to you in the following ways:

  • Allows your customer access to your online app/services, without impacting on their personal data plan or without incurring any cost
  • Boosts Advertising Revenue through increasing traffic to your apps/websites.
  • Allows you to gain valuable customer insight.
  • Increases the Goodwill value of your Company.

Cost structure

Telescopic Brackets Charging Brackets NAD per GB
Corporate Reverse Billing Bracket 1   0GB to 50GB 50.00
Corporate Reverse Billing Bracket 2 >50GB to 100GB 45.00
Corporate Reverse Billing Bracket 3 >100GB to 150GB 40.00
Corporate Reverse Billing Bracket 4 >150GB to 200GB 35.00
Corporate Reverse Billing Bracket 5 >200GB plus 30.00

Other Charges NAD
Connection Fee 218.00
Monthly Subscription 2999.00
National Voice per Minute 1.50
National SMS per SMS 0.40