Business (SIP) Trunking

Business (SIP) Trunking is a converged IP service based on a secure MPLS platform that delivers both voice and data traffic across a single network

  • Cost savings of 30 to 60 percent can often be achieved by switching from PRI or other older systems to Cloud PBX.
  • Equipment can be legacy hardware or software-based phones. If desired, any desktop computer can function as the hardware. Businesses only need to buy new equipment if the latest IP business phones are preferred.
  • Sizing and scaling of voice plans becomes easier. SIP trunks are small and inexpensive, powering two to four channels.
  • Security and disaster recovery work seamlessly with Cloud PBX. MTC Business’s SIP trunking runs on a privately managed Cloud Infrastructure reachable globally via IP.
  • Coax and fiber networks, which most businesses are already running, provide the infrastructure and bandwidth needed for SIP trunking.
  • UC gets bundled with voice on SIP trunks. Collaboration, messaging, mobility, and other features work seamlessly on one.