MTC Cirrus is an easy to scale solution for keeping your staff connected to each other and to your customers. It all happens through online services offered by MTC saving up to 60% on business calls. Adding more staff members to the network with this service is easy and quick

Our hosted PBX allows you to access PBX services from different geographical locations, using special IP telephony devices or simply through regular Android/iPhone mobile devices. Its affordable, reliable and the perfect solution for all size enterprises from SME to large firms.

Cloud PBX bundle price

MTC Cirrus basic MTC Cirrus Advance MTC cirrus Professional
Product Features
  1. Voice call
  2. Concurrent Call Control
  3. DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
  4. Emergency Call
  5. Corporate Directory
  6. IP Fax Service
  7. Business Trunking

Basic +

  1. Number Presentation Services
  2. Communication Diversion
  3. Call Waiting
  4. Explicit Communication Transfer
  5. Call Hold
  6. Call Recording
  7. Wake Up
  8. Voice Message Leaving
  9. Message Waiting Indication
  10. Enterprise Blacklist and Whitelist
  11. Enterprise Ring Back Tone

Basic + Advance

  1. Unified Authentication
  2. Personal Self-Provisioning Interface
  3. Enterprise Address Book
  4. Enterprise Management Portal
  5. Basic Capability
  6. Address Book
  7. Attendant Console (Agent)
  8. Attendant Console (Supervisor)
  9. SMS Management
  10. Codec and QoS
  11. Information Management
  12. OS Platform (Windows)
100 free national Voice minutes per extension*
Implementation Fee: NAD 2500.00
Price NAD 70.00 per user
Extension: 1- unlimited
NAD 90.00 per user
Extensions: 5 - unlimited
NAD 110.00 per user
Extensions: 5 - unlimited