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What is the balance on my account?(credit/free minutes/free megabytes)

  • Dial 139 for your balance enquiry , the call will be automatically dropped and you will receive an sms with your balance
  • Send a USSD dial string as *139# to retrieve your balance information

I want GPRS/MMS/3G on my account, how can I get it?

All customers are by default provisioned for data services (GPRS/MMS/3G) and the device configuration is automatic. When you switch on your phone for the first time, both MMS and GPRS settings will be automatically sent to your device. Once you have received the settings you will have to enter a PIN, which is either 0 or 1234 to save.

In case you did not save the settings or deleted the settings or entered a wrong PIN, you can still request for new settings

  • For Internet Settings send GPRS to 1251
  • For MMS Settings send MMS to 1251

NOTE: 3G devices (USB), Apple iPhone (IOS), BlackBerry® and Android devices are not supported with Over the Air Settings and require manual configuration.

I bought a phone through a contract and it is damaged, what can I do?

MTC Warranty does not cover physical damage. We suggest you insure your phone privately for such eventualities.

How can I increase my monthly credit limit?

Feel free to contact the Call Centre (dial 120 FREE from your cellphone), or alternatively visit your nearest MTC MobileHome.

What are the banking details of MTC (for Internet payment)?

We have banking details to First National Bank. Find our banking details here

NOTE: that you would be required to enter a reference number which is your cellphone number with 5 zero before the number. Eg:0000081 (FNB Customers) other banks accept account number or regular cellphone.

How do I change my relevant contact details, inclusive of my banking details?

The following documents are required:

  1. A written request with the new details.
  2. Copy of your ID.
  3. Copy of a cancelled cheque or back & front bank card.

We will forward it to the contract department. The change will be affect on the next bill cycle.

I want to do a number change, what will it cost?

Cellphone number changes can be done at any MTC MobileHome or Dealer, at the cost of N$60.

How much is a MTC Golden Number?

Golden numbers are obtainable at any MTC MobileHome.

Find all tariffs listed here: Connect | Contract Tariffs

What is the charge / rate per minute?

Your tariff charge depends on the contract you have taken out with us.

Find all tariffs listed here: Connect | Contract Tariffs

How can I activate my e-mail?

Find all instructions on the Connect | Contract FreeMail page. Click here

Can you please reset my VoiceMail pin, I forgot it.

Your VoiceMail pin is confidential therefore it is not obtainable over the phone. Please visit your nearest MTC MobileHome or MTC registered dealer with your ID and your pin will be reset free of charge.

I blocked my SIM card, how do I get the PUK number?

PUK is a security code therefore it is not obtainable over the phone. Please visit your nearest MTC MobileHome or Dealer with your ID and we will provide you with your PUK codes. This is a security code and is not provided via the Contact Centre.

Will the charges, SIM replacement and late payment fee, be the same for all rateplans?


What happens if my phone is faulty after two months?

You have a 1-year warranty on your phone. You can return it to MTC and we will provide you with a loan phone while your phone is repaired.

Does MTC guarantee after sales service and/or maintenance on faulty handsets?

We guarantee after sales service and maintenance on faulty handsets within the 1-year warranty period.

Will I get a new phone after each contract renewal?

Yes, but MTC will require you to renew your initial contract after the contract period expires. Upon renewal you qualify for a new phone again.

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